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Row and column

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What is the difference between row and column?
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Might have different meaning in different context.

A row is 3 or more in a straight line

A column is tall and skinny

In the army, men line up in rows
A column is longer than it is wide.
Rows go across the line of "direction". Columns go in the line of direction.
Is the context a spreadsheet, a tabulation or a 2D matrix?
Rows are typically horizontal or transverse (across the short direction of a rectangle). Columns are typically vertical or longitudinal (parallel to the long direction of a rectangle). Again, those are general definitions; to get a more exact answer, we need to know the context (spreadsheet, building plan, boxes stacked on a pallet, etc.).
Thanks. Very interesting answers.
...and then there are people in a row, waiting to see Stonehenge, columns in a row.

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Thanks. Very interesting answers. I researched some articles and found this one
Just interesting.
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