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Roughing in

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Good morning!

I am installing french doors in my basement and I'm wondering how much space the door frame takes. Right now I have it studded out with 2x4's. Will the frame take up one of those 2x4's? How much does door trim take up?

My issue is I have JUST enough room to put the french doors and then insert a fish tank viewing window in the wall. The problem is I'm afraid the trim work is going to butt against each other which my wife does not want. THanks!
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Some more info would help like the length of header you have and size of door.
A single door, you add 2" for the jam, a double door you need close to 3" bigger than the doors. A double door needs 2 jack studs under the header on each side.

We always try to get 3 studs between windows and door as a min.

Have you thought about ordering a bigger unit that would include the window in the door unit like a side light.
Thanks for the replies.

I am indeed doing an interior office. The tank would actually be in my office and the viewing window would be for the viewing pleasures of those in the rest of the basement.I'm not sure what a king plus jack stud is but my left side of the frame is (2) 2x4's thick and the right side is (3)- long story. The right side is where the tank is and after the 3rd 2x4 it has a couple inches.
Can we assume it is a non bearing wall . You would always like to have at least 2 studs beside a door and window, to help with stiffness and trim backing.

If you are tight to a cross wall on one side you would like to have 2 2x4s between the jam and the other wall to have room for trim on both sides of the door.
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