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Rotting floor around toilet flange

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As part of a project, i took the toilet off in order to paint behind it.

What I noticed was there was rust on the bolts and it appears the wax ring may have leaked some. I pulled the flooring up to find the luan flooring was damp. I ripped one section of the luan up and noticed the plywood subfloor was also wet.

I've checked and the flooring is not soft. I'm not sure if i should cut it out and replace it, or spray with bleach and let it dry. I'm somewhat handy, but have never replaced subflooring before, and would like to avoid it unless it is really necessary.

I've attached photos. Can someone take a look and see if it needs to be replaced?



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If the sub floor is still solid--wipe with bleach and let it dry----add new 1/4 inch underlayment and reinstall the sheet goods.

That looks like OSB (flake board) if you ever tile that room you will want to add another layer of 1/2" b/c plywood on top.---Mike---
As oh'mike says wipe it down and leave it set for a day or so until it completely dries out. At that point you can check to see if it has any soft spots in it. Did you take up all the flooring?, if so then add the 1/4" plywood and put the floor back down. If you didn't take all the floor up then you have to decide if it is soft or is ok to put the floor back down. Its not that big of a job to cut out the section in question between a couple of joists and put a new piece of sub floor in.
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