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rotted sill plate

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I have a question. Noticed in my crawl a small portion of the sill plate is rotted and damaged, about 8" It is between the studs and the damage looks Isolated. it looks like it came from an old plumbing leak. Is this a tough fix? Do I have to have the whole plate replaced ? Do I have to jack up the house? Can only the damaged piece be removed and replaced. Does not seem to be any structural deflection anywhere
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You'll likely need to jack up the house just to get the pressure off to get the rotted section out and put in a new piece. You can rent a jack (or two). Rental stores have 20 and 30 ton jacks that will pick up a 2 story house. Chisel/sawzall the piece out to get to solid wood and replace that section.
If you only have 8 inches of rot, you may want to consider using a "get rot" product to strengthen the wood. There are numerous injectables, paintables, and various other products which can be used to improve relatively small (like 8 inch) sections of rotten wood without removing the wood. Jacking up the house is pretty drastic for such a small amount of damage.
the wood is gone it just fell apart in my hands. The rest of the palte is good. If ther is no wood left can the injectable still be used
Well there wouldn't be anything to inject would there?

Are you saying that it is only a small piece between the floor joists and the sill under the joists is ok? If so just cut out the 8" section of rot and slide a new 8" piece in for pretty. You may need to hammer it to get it to slide under the band/rim joist.
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