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Hi, I've learned so much from these forums but it's the first time I've posted. Thanks in advance for any help!

I need to repair some roof rot caused by a poorly mounted over-the-garage basketball hoop. the previous owner nailed through the shingles and didn't seal the holes. Parts of the decking, fascia, and soffit are rotted. I already removed the soffit, fascia, and the board behind the fascia. See pics.

My questions:
1. Can I mend the decking or should I replace the entire plank of decking? there's only a 1' x 6' section that looks rotted.

2. Do you think I need to replace or reinforce the rafters and lookouts? There seems to be a little rot at the ends.

3. Finally, is this something I should do myself, or call a professional? I would consider myself not quite a beginner DIYer, but not yet an intermediate either.

Again, thanks!


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