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Rototiller i.d.

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I need to replace the axle seals on my tiller, can anyone tell my the make?n The serial number is 019914 G


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My guess is that it was private labeled by PowerKraft (Montgomery Wards, or something like that, but don't know who made it for them. Nevertheless, it looks very similar to a number of different ones at that time, so I doubt the seals are uncommon. You should be able to take one of the old seals to your local lawn and garden dealer or auto parts store, so they can match it up, and if that doesn't work, measure the I.D., O.D. and thickness of the seal, or if you aren't sure about that, just take the shaft and side cover with you, and they can measure it. Either way, again, it shouldn't be a problem to find them locally.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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