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I have some rope lighting. The lighting was installed around the top of my ceiling in my house. I removed the lights when painting the walls. When reinstalling, the lights do not work. They worked before removing. What could of happened? I removed them with care(I thought).

I have checked the power source and there is power, so that is not the problem. I have been told that it might be the light ends and it is possible to switch out the ends. is this possible to do? If so, where can I get new ends and how do I replace them? The lights have no fuses in them that I can switch out. Ideas?


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Most likely a dirty connection
Or a broken wire.
Have a careful examination of the plug and socket end
Use a magnifier if it helps, look for metal contact surfaces
That don't look clean and shiney.
Also look for broken off wires.
These wires are usual small and easily broken
Even more so as they age.
If you cannot find it then just replace them
They are not hard to find.

I E - Those two pins don't look very clean ?
They look tarnised.
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