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Room size X floor tile size

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I have a side entrance porch. that has been closed in, it is unheated six windows, Thick concrete 4 1/ 2" floor I'm in Michigan. This porch can get very cold in January.
This porch / room is 5 1/2 feet by 13 feet I wish to put tile down to add zest to this entrance. I think there is a rule for the size of tile to the size of the room .
Like 13' x 13" tile may be too big ? perhaps 8x8 0r 6x6 12 x 12 ? would be better
I'm all ears here.:whistling2:

Thanks Deck Hand
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Hi neighbor,

Gets very cold only in January? Are you in the same Michigan I am? :laughing:

Size is a matter of choice, what ever you like. Thirteen inchers are not too big, no reason why you couldn't go bigger even if the floor is flat. Is it? Gotta be almost like the kitchen table flat.

Of course you'll need to choose a frost proof tile like porcelain. Have you made a decision yet?

I'd recommend bigger tile over smaller. I was told by a tile pro that with smaller rooms, you want as few grout lines as possible to make the room look as big as possible (which makes sense to me). And, less grout to monkey with!

I'm also thinking about putting tile on an outdoor covered porch and will definitely go with porcelain for durability and ease of installation. But that's about 3 or 4 projects from may end up being in 2010. Good luck.
I agree, a 12x12 tile is the smallest I want to put down
Tiling side porch

Your right if I use small tiles the floor will look like a checkered floor.
So I will use the large tiles.
I saw them on sale this past week. and I will buy extra for the future ??

Deck hand
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