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room designer websites????

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I have a fireplace wall I want to redesign. It is all brick and I want to build shelves and put cabinets on it. I am having problems visualizing it. I have measured it out. I have taken pictures. I have thought about putting pics in photoshop. Pasting the pics of cabinets and shelves and trying to get to the correct dimensions and all that.

I have seen on home improvement shows they use cad or those type programs. Anybody have recommendations for free websites or stuff like that that will take and do everything to scale?
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Welcome to the Forum!

I'd recommend trying Sketchup. It is a free download and works by creating a 3d model. You can find online training at their website as well as on Youtube.

You can download 3d models of cabinet and such an insert them into your model. Can put in finishes as well as colors to see how it would look.

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:
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