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roofing material suggestions - flat commercial roof

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I need to replace a roof (complete tear-down) on a 40,000 square foot commercial building on Long Island in New York State. The building is one story high (about 20 feet from ground to roof) and has a large number of mechanical units and roof penetrations which will require flashing. There is no parapet but there are 6 inch roof curbs around part of the building perimeter.

I am the owner/operator of this building so I'm looking to replace this roof with a material that will stand up to abuse and will not need excessive maintenance; however, having said that I'd obviously like the roof replacement to be as cost-effective as possible. Can anyone help with a suggestion for the best possible roofing material/system within these parameters? I appreciate any help!
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Single plys are great. If you have alot of foot trafic I would suggest and its generally required, is walk way mats. For a more durable roof look at a BUR, or built up ashpalt roof, (hot). The embeded gravel will help against foot trafic and these types of roofs with stand alot of trafic. THey are not cheep how ever, but then again anything on this size of roof wont be "cheap" Make sure you find a good contractor as this job is no small job.
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