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Roof venting on house with no eaves

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I have a house built in about 1942 which has a problem with ventilation. The roof has only one rooftop vent about 8" x 8" and no intake vents at the lower part of the roof.
There is no eave at all and Ice dams have always been a problem. I will be getting the roof re-shingled as soon as weather permits.
I am somewhat convinced to use smart vent at the lower end of the roof and ridge vent ll at the top. Is this a wise choice in sometime severely cold weather and snow?
I have also considered the in-vent and the edge vent but, I seem to be drawn back to smart vent. In-vent shows installation about 36" up the roof which makes me wonder why? I think it should start as low as possible.
All help on this topic will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Really needs more rooftop vents. If you want, you can have vents installed on the side of the home, lower towards where the roof meets the top plate of the floor below the attic space, then depending on how long of a house you have, will factor in how many vents towards the top.

We have four vents up towards the peak, and a mushroom power vent to help pull the heat out, since we have lousy venting in our attic, and have not gotten around putting in the vents like I stated at the beginning, along with putting in baffles where room meets the top plats at the front & back.

I do get the temp down around 109 with the mushroom vent, compared to before we put it in, it would get up to around 135-140 without it.
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