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We have a Victorian style home, 9 years old. one of the large octagon turrets is the roof over a bedroom. The turret roof is open in the bedroom with about a 25foot ceiling height. it is drywalled with a textured ceiling. When we bougtht the house a few months ago, we had to have a plaster/drywall specialist come in to repair the ceiling due to a few cracks and alot of nail pops. They then retextured it ,and it was primed, painted and looked great.
Now we have had some hot humid days, the ceiling is cracking in a few areas, and alot more nails are staring to pop. The drywall crew we hired used screws to repair. These nail pops are from 9 years ago when the house was built. The turret roof has no exterior roof fan. Is venilation the problem? and if so, what type of fan, or ventilation system should be used on this type of roof?
Thank you for your help.
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