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Roof Vent and Snow - Suggestion/Help Needed

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I have 8 years old house in Baltimore MD area and after the recent historical snow storm, I noticed water mark on my closet ceiling with tape peeling off.

I never had this problem and we also didn't have windy monster snow storm like this ever. The area above the closet is a crawl space with access from Attic. From outside I did notice that the area above the closet has 3 roof vents (I believe they are box type, see picture). These are advice I have gotten and now totally confused. Please help me.

1. I called my builder first (thinking I might have some warranty as house is less than 10 years old). The builder immediately said that snow blew inside your attic via vent. There is nothing wrong and make sure attic area is dry. The builder said he is getting numerous call regarding the same thing.

2. I am afraid to walk on crawl space and I called one contractor. He went in and said that he did not find any hole or gap. He suggested that he will change all 3 vents for $$. I asked if he is going to install different kind of vent so snow does not get in? He said the exact same kind because they are old and its better to replace. He won't give any warranty of work too.

3. Called another contractor, and without even coming for free inspection he claimed that he knew the problem. He will come, and seal some gaps for few hundred dollars. I wonder how does he know the problem without looking?

4. My neighbor also noticed water mark in his ceiling but his is not as bad as mine. He is convinced that noting need to be done other than wait and watch until next snow storm.

Sorry for long post. Any help and insight will be highly appreciated.


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A mushroom style like this or a scoop style would be less likely to allow snow in.
Soffit vents are on the lower edge of the roof where the wall meets the horizontal surface at the low part of the roof.
No soffit vents then those roof vent are useless.
Around here we use nothing but ridge vents so the whole roof gets vented, not just the rafter bays where a vent is.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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