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Roof Structure

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My home is new to me and located in Mass. We had a tough winter and this corner of the roof collected a fair amount of ice. I did my best to keep it to a minimum during the winter. I didn't notice any damage after the thaw but as it's heated up here, it appears there is now some separation between the wood structure and the roof. I'm not well versed in roofing and not even sure if this is a roofing issue or a carpentry issue. I'm attaching a picture for reference. Any thoughts?


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I cant tell what im looking at, perhaps a daytime photo would be more help. My eyes arnt that great lol. it looks like the fascia board or siding is separating. from the wall and thats a carpentry problem, perhaps cause by the ice / snow building up. a few nails should do the trick along with some caulking.
Its an easy fix from what i can tell. mind you that image is a blurr to me.

If you post another photo that would be great, otherwise i may just be talking out of my rear right now.
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