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roof rafter rot fix

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Fixing up my camp shack, question about the roof.

As you can see in the pictures, I have about 3 rafters with some rot and a couple of pieces of the roofing wood itself with some rot.

How can I go about fixing this/stabilizing this without tearing up the entire roof?

I was thinking maybe run another piece of wood directly along/attached to the portion of good rafter on the rafters that have rot as the entire rafter is not rotted just sections.

Keep in mind this is just my camp shack - no water, electricity. I don't want to go crazy just maybe stabilize it better. The roof is actually pretty solid - I can walk on it (though I did not try to walk over the areas where the rafter rot are) and it does not leak.



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Thanks for the reply. I'll give that a try.

Have not stayed there in the winter yet, just 3 seasons - cinder block is actually quite comfortable in the summer, cooler than a stick built shack. Need to line the chimney and put a wood stove in there (which it used to have at one time) but I want to get the roof around the chimney up to par before I do this...

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