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Roof framing help

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I am designing a 30 degree hip roof with a gable porch for a small home in sketchup. Everything works out and lines up perfectly with the hip roof however when I drop in the gable portion there is this pesky nearly 1inch lip that I cant get rid of between the hip rafter and the common rafter of the gable on one side. If I line it up so that they sit flush the other side of the gable goes out of whack. Not sure what went wrong with my angles or measurements or if my design is incorrect. Any insight on what could be wrong would be appreciated!


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Actually it would be correct. The rake board fascia goes on flush with the roof sheeting and with the pitch of the roof 1/2" sheeting would measure at least 3/4" when measured plumb. In the great scheme of things, that would not be noticeable.
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