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I have what some called a "dutch gutter", "super gutter" or "structural gutter" system on my roof.

Basically due to the house configuration, the low point of the roof edge is framed into a gutter, and an aluminum screen enclosure over an interior courtyard is attached.

This is a picture of the gutter. So there are gutter along the edges of the interior side of the courtyard.

These gutters slopes to two roof drains or catch basins, connected to pipes below and they run into the deck, below the foundation slab and drains into my yard on the other side of the house.

These rood drain basins were installed in 2012 and I have noticed recently they are not quite sloped right.

In other words, the basin is shaped like a kitchen sink. One side of it is the grate for the roof drain. That side is actually higher by a little so water would pond and stay on the other side. I have noticed the wood box framing below is wet and slightly "moshy".

Is there a way to correct the slope up top with something to build up the low side?

Or do I need to tear the whole thing up and redo it?

The roofer who did this if I remember had put in a lead or galvanized sheet metal flashing under over the wood box before he applied all this asphalt stuff. If it's leaking below then the pan is leaking?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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