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Romex - through or under joists?

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I am finally getting around to running wires for my steam shower generator, floor hear and bathroom GFCI. I was flipping through a code book this morning and theres a picture which shows running 8/3 through the joists and >=8/3 stapled under. But I couldn't find anything in wording which described it.

Is there something in code against running larger cables through the joists? In case of my steam unit I am running 6/2.
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There is no prohibition against it. The picture was probably just trying to show that larger cables are allowed to be secured under the joist in an unfinished basement.

In order for that to be done you need to be no smaller than 2 #6 or 3 #8s. The Code Article is 334.15(C).
Cool, thanks for the reply. As much as it is easier to run them under, I would really like to get rid of the ugly ceiling tiles and in part of the basement.
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