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Roll out roofing on my shed.

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Iam building a new shed and it is ubnder my deck. I have it all framed out and plywood on it. I also have it on hinges so I can swing it up when I done roofing it.

I have the felt paper on it overlapped as per instructions. And I have roll roofing for the roof itself. I have never installed this type of roofing. Do I just overlap and nail. This is 36 inches wide do I nail along the edges, how is held down if it just nailed at the top.

Like I said in a previous thread,it is under a deck and that will take the brunt of the rain.
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Granulated roll roofing is absolutely the worst product that you could consider installing on that situation.

A slight step above that would be S.I.S., Seventeen Inch Selvage, which winds up being lapped 1/2 of the sheet each row.

If you choose to use these very inferior products, at least install them with the proper adhesive fully brushed or squeegied in place.

Are you open to other options?

I went and bought shingles.
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