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Rock veneer install

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Newbee here. Thanks for any input on this subject in advance. What I have is a small room that protrudes uniquely from my house. It has Hardie Panel, the 4x8 sheets, and as you can imagine real ugly. I would like to put a rock or fake rock(concrete made to look like rock) veneer on this Hardie material. I do know the normal way is to install a moisture barrier on the Hardie panel, then install the metal lath, then the mortar scratch coat, then butter the veneer to connect to the scratch coat. I hear mortar holds moisture, so the vapor barrier protects the Hardie, as it can get wet, but not stay wet. What I want to know is perhaps another possibility: Could the Hardie be coated with “something” similar to paint, but could act like a moisture barrier and then use something other than mortar to bond the veneer rock to the now sealed Hardie. The veneer I’ll be using is smooth on the back and all will be butted together so you will see a little Hardie in-between. Please give advice!!!!! Thanks
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