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Robertson tip stuck in screw

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I was using a Robertson driver (manual) and the tip broke off in the screw. Not only that but I need to remove the screw. How can I remove the screw? I know there are screw removal tools but I'm guessing it wont be able to go through the tip of the Robertson that is stuck in the screw as that is a harder metal. Thanks.
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Remember that the Robertson tip is stuck in the screw head in the diredtion in which you were turning it--sounds like you were attempting to loosen the screw. This means the tip is stuck in the CCW postition. Try using something real small but hard along with a small hammer to move the tip in the clock-wise (CW) direction. Don't beat it, just give it little "love" taps. I'm betting that this will knock it loose and you will be able to remove it easily.
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