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Riser pipe needed

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We have a clawfoot tub that has a handheld shower with hose attachment. the hose runs up our wall and is held on the wall with a mount. I am trying to find a distributor that sells just the riser pipe with the same threads as the handheld hose so I can make a better looking shower. Plus the riser pipe would have a bend that would place a shower head more directly over the center of the tub.
Any ideas where to find the riser pipe? I have looked on line but find the same junk from site to site.
Thank you
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Ok so Who is the Manufacturer of the junk you have now, about what year was it installed, and where do you live?

Also there are probably 500 or so different models of this type of thing so a picture or two would be helpful.

Here is photo of the faucet set... Note that the shower hose rest is detachable. See the nut below the rest. The riser pipe could attach there. I'll have to take it off after wirk today to make sure of style thread, but I believe it is pipe...


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That is a compression fitting with a rubber washer----you will be well served by identifying the faucet manufacturer----
-you will be well served by identifying the faucet manufacturer...
Yeah Mike, I am gonna check that out tomorrow hopefully.. Too much real work today... Tomorrow I will work at home.... Oh wait, that is real work also... Just don't get paid for it
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