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Rinnai Tankless, Location and Temperatures

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Good AM. It is located on exterior garage wall. Freezing temps do occur. This is the setup. Can this thing freeze up? Does it need to be a GFI plug? Could you shove insulation in there as a last resort if temps got extreme for a period of time? Thanks for your time.
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Go on line and print out the install manual.
Any I've seen outside have a dump valve that opens up and drains it before it freezes.
What a crappy looking installation. 45 degree elbows would have made this a much better install. Some people are really hacks.
Dump Valve

That is actually what the concern is...does it have a dump valve? I did not install. Not my home. I'm not a plumber. Nor do I pretend to be be one. Thus the question. One more thing learned: the builder placed in wall insulation above and below the housing. Anything need to be done re: dump valve and insulation?
As suggested, download the installation manual and see what it says. That model is designed for outside installation, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was done correctly. Especially looking at your pics.
Cryptic Answers

The linked pdf is the install manual. It is an interesting read. The cryptic answers provided, though well intentioned, have no bearing to a person of my knowledge. If you do not feel comfortable providing details, I can sympathize as I cannot either. If it tugs on your heartstrings, the WC bound vet took the photos having to slough through a mud yard (no grass yet) to get said photos. He is a continent away so any detailed help is greatly appreciated. I must ask you to set higher goals for your responses please. Long story...but VA loan process may cause him to lose home due to long delay in construction, so time is of the essence. What specifically md2lgyk would you do differently? What makes the images indicate an incorrect install? Jagans -"crappy looking" : does that mean unsafe or simply aesthetically unpleasing. Joecapton - should he insst in the dump valve (if it is not present)? Regards and respect, NH
There's nothing in the pictures to specifically indicate to me the installation is incorrect. I only meant to suggest that that "crappy looking" says something about whoever would do such work and makes me wonder what else might be crappy and if corners were cut elsewhere.

Full disclosure: I am not a professional plumber, though I completely plumbed my own house and installed my tankless heater. But it is not a Rinnai and not an outdoor unit. Perhaps a pro will chime in on this thread, but in the meantime I'll read the Rinnai manual and see what sense I can make of it.
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