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rim board replacement

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Rim board needs to be replaced that supported a ledger board. Behind the rim board is an I-Joist that runs parallel. The rim board is attached to it. The I joist is in good condition. the I-joist/rim board is under a 2 x 6 wall.

Wanting to know if can remove the rimboard with out causing damage to the house. It appears that all the weight is on the I-joist. The rim board is brittle and is show no bowing due to weight on it.

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rim board

Short answer is Yes. BUT ... it may be a lot of work and depends on many factors such as how long is the damaged area, how accessable is it, is the ledger connected only to the rim or does it also contact the joists? More questions also include what was the cause of the damage and has this been corrected? If not, find the source of the damage and work from there. It may be a big project. Good luck.
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