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I have rotting wood at the bottom of the siding over a porch. The siding is too close to the shingles which probably contributed to the problem, but in places the rot extends a few inches above the shingles.

I plan on cutting the siding up to leave a 3/4 inch gap. I also want to cut out any rotten wood and rebuild it with an epoxy wood repair. I've used it on a similar job and it worked okay. (I researched completely replacing the rotten boards but it's a bigger job than I expected and I'm not skilled enough. And I called a few contractors but it's too small a job for them.)

I tried cutting the wood with a hand offset saw but it didn't work well -- a lot of time & effort, and uneven cuts. I'm looking for a better way to trim up the wood.

My plan is to buy an oscillating saw and either use a series of straight-on plunge cuts right up the line, or try a semi-circle blade and see if I can edge it along continuously.

Is this the best way to cut? I've never had an oscillating saw but it looks like it should work. Or is there some other tool I should use?

Thanks for any advice.


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