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Ridgid 14.4 impact driver battery life

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Hey! I'm new here but I was just reading about a comparison between a ridgid and a dewalt and it reminded me of how disappointingly short the battery life is on the Ridgid. I bought it reconditioned, and promptly bought a brand new battery, hoping it would last an hour or two of driving 2inch exterior screws for a fence I was building. It maybe lasted 20 minutes, maybe 30, and i had to switch over to my 1/2 inch cordless drill. What's the deal???Does anyone else have similar experiences with the Ridgid or should I break down and buy a brand new one? Or, god forbid, switch brands?
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It didn't sound right to me either. I bought the new battery from Ridgid just to make sure it was new and I got the warranty. I got turned on to the whole impact driver thing by using a little 12 volt Makita while putting up a fence for a friend. That little thing lasted what seemed like hours. I got a Ridgid because I had been a plumber and all my other tools were ridgid. Maybe a Makita might be the one to try or maybe buy one of the Lithium powered Ridgids. Thanks for your reply.
I use the same charger for my 18volt battery and it works great. The impact driver battery is a 14.4 volt, Ni-cad, 1.25Ah battery, bought new from Ridgid. I love its performance, too, as long as the battery lasts. but at this rate, I will need three or four of them to get any work done. Thanks guys..
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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