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Ridgid 14.4 impact driver battery life

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Hey! I'm new here but I was just reading about a comparison between a ridgid and a dewalt and it reminded me of how disappointingly short the battery life is on the Ridgid. I bought it reconditioned, and promptly bought a brand new battery, hoping it would last an hour or two of driving 2inch exterior screws for a fence I was building. It maybe lasted 20 minutes, maybe 30, and i had to switch over to my 1/2 inch cordless drill. What's the deal???Does anyone else have similar experiences with the Ridgid or should I break down and buy a brand new one? Or, god forbid, switch brands?
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The Ridgid 14.4 is supposed to be their best as far as performance goes. Don't know anything about battery life. I have the 18 volt and love it. Use it with the compact NiCd battery and it works great. Not had any issues with battery life. I have 2 batteries, and they charge in 20 minutes. Never been without a pack available.

Their MaxSelect (works with the 18 and 24 volt) is supposed to be thir worst performer.
Based on the first post, I am assuming that you are giving this a pretty good work out. Other makes may not be much different. The 1.25Ah is a small battery, but that also helps to keep the overall weight of the tool down. How quick is the recharge? Probably about 15 minutes. You bought the tool reconditioned; did you get a battery with it, or do you only have the one new one. If you have 2, you should be able to rotate them and not have much down-time.

It's not ideal to be constantly needing to have a battery on the charger, but I'm not sure other makes would be any different under the same use unless their batteries are bigger.

Don't know how much truth there is in it, but if you look for another impact, you might want to stick with NiCd batteries if you can rather than go to the Li type. You can draw more current from a NiCd battery than from a Li battery, and if the impact is in constant use, the Li battery can shut down because you are trying to draw too much current from it. It quickly resets itself, but could be annoying. I only use NiCds in my impact, so this is not from experience.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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