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I am having a new roof installed(09/23/09)
with a ridge vent. I was origionally told that I needed soffit vents for the correct ventilation but I have no soffits. They were to install drip edge vents somehow behind the gutter.
It is a gable style roof.
Now they are saying that vertical gable vents will work fine.
Is this true? Sounds to me that they are trying to get out of doing the job correctly.
Also I am worried about voiding the warranty.
Your help will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Hold them to their word with the behind fascia vents, or over the house wall:
Gable vents:
You need the intake vents in the soffit or fascia continuously to vent every rafter bay. Hopefully the ridge vent will have baffles:
Try not to use power vents:
Be safe, Gary
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