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Richard says Hello

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I am currently building my own Chalet in the French Alps come see what I have done so far
I am no expert but I can turn my hand to just about anything. We have had the outer shell built for us and I am doing the rest. That means the electrics, the plumbing, the stud walls, the kitchen the floors, painting, plastering and anything else that needs doing. It all fun and I hope you come and check out what I have been doing.
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Pictures of the Job

Hello; It might be bad etiquette to reply to your own post but I thought I would put some pictures up just to show whats going on.

Basic shell with the concrete going up:

Timber walls and roof:

Roof on and watertight:

Come and see the rest at
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Herr Shoemaker is about 350 posts ahead of you, but you have time! :laughing:
If you do 1 post/day you'll equal his number of posts in just ~900 days from now. Or not.
Think snow!

Through my translator,
I say
Dites bonjour 脿 Sarkozy

You speak Romansh?
Bonjour Monsieur Sarkozy ?

Well anything to oblige! :)

I dont think I will be posting every day for 3 years just to catch up!

There is not much snow around here at the moment, boiling hot sunshine and huge thunderstorms that come rattling and rumbling up the valley from lake Geneva. Big cycling, big climbing. The snow starts about December (November if we get lucky) and stays until April/May. I have been told its the biggest ski resort in the world, les Portes du Soleil, 13 resorts, 650 km of pistes, 230 odd lifts in about 400 square kilometers. Its a great place to ski and snowboard! Plus the cross country sking is not bad as well.
Enough of the advert.
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