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Rheem LP Furnace not working

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Rheem Classic 90 plus
Model No. - RGTA 10EZAJS
Serial No. - ej50707f190203287

Hey everybody, new homeowner here. Furnace has worked fine until a few days ago. It starts (Blower motor), but only ignites a flame about 5% of the time. When it does have a flame, the Amber light is blinking on the control board. That only lasts about 5 or 10 seconds until the flame goes out, and it recycles two or three more times (with no flame), then goes into the 1 hr lockout. I have already cleaned the flame sensor ( I think ) and checked the hose and ports on the pressure switch for debris, none found. Our house was built in 02' so it has to be a fairly new furnace. It was converted to LP by a certified HVAC co. I am pretty handy, and the HVAC co. wants $150 just to come out here to diagnose it, which i think is a bit steep. Does anybody know what is going on with this thing? Your help is greatly appreciated. My girlfriend is starting to get a little antsy. Here are some pics. Pics/photo12_zps8f7a949d.jpg
Thank You!
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Bob the flashing yellow light means weak flame sense
Clean the flame sensor. Check the ground.

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Sounds like you are geting spark but no ignition. There is a seperate set of electrodes for the spark which is different than the flame sensor. They are difficult to get at and set and clean properly and if you mess them up or bend them etc then the spark will be weak or in the wrong place etc. I would recommend you get a Pro to check them AND the manifold gas pressure which may be too low causing no ignition also.
My thoughts too. If your tank is below 40% it may not generate enough pressure or the regulator from it may be failing etc.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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