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Rheem furnance blows cold air

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I have a Rheem criterion gas furnace that blows cold air for 40 minutes after the heat cycle is off. I opened the panel and there is a yellow/amber light that is blinking. HVAC tech came replaced limit switch but issue still persists.

The furnace will start up, go through entire heat cycle without any problems. It reaches the correct thermostat setting temperature but blower fan does not stop 40+ minutes, blowing cold air, and the amber/light LED starts blinking fast again.

Thermostat setting is set to "auto". Please help with any advice!
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It may be that the fan relay is sticking ON at the end of the heat cycle. However they don't usually let loose and stop either when that happens. Have to tap on the relay on the board when that happens and see if it stops.

Tell your tech there is a set of error codes in fine print along the edge of the wiring diagram on the inside of the lower door. There usualy is 3 led lights and it can give a error code. Flashing amber ( slow ) usually is a heartbeat code meaning you have normal power. Fast I don't know w/o seeing the codes.
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