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Having a problem with my Reznor XA-150 hanging garage heater.
It goes on fine on the first cycle - pilot lights (no problem, new thermocouple 2 yrs ago), main burner lights fine, delay before fan comes on (normal, I understand) and heater runs for a while. BUT, after a while the fan stops and the main burner keeps going and gets quite hot. Then the fan will start switching on and off intermittently, anywhere from 2 seconds to 30 seconds.
I believe it's either the limit control or the fan control, but I'm not sure of the theory of operation and want to test before buying a part. I have a schematic if that helps.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts,
PS replaced the fan motor cap as well a while ago, motor runs well. Am currently jumping the motor directly to AC in, leaving it on all the time.
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