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Hello -

Installed a new ceiling fan and want to change the current switch from an outlet to the fan.

The power is coming to the outlet and there are 3 other outlets using the same power source. I have it working and my meter indicates they are properly wired. But I want to make sure since I had issues at first.

Can someone send me a drawing of how it should be wired?

Single switch controlling the fan, power is coming into the first outlet. The wiring from the fan is going to the switch. I think it would have been easier if I ran the fan wire to the outlet, but that is hindsight. Also, the tabs on any of the outlets, should they be off or on?

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If the switch only had two wires then you need to rewire the receptacle. No tabs cut off. All blacks together, all whites together. At switch connect whites together. Connect blacks to switch.

If that is not what you had then tell us what you have and what you did.
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