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Hi everyone, thank you for looking. I have a few simple questions about rewiring a deck. We pulled out an existing deck and planned on basically putting everything back, but I wanted to add a few things.

I've got a power line coming out of the exterior wall that goes to a switch/outlet. That outlet then also goes to 2 other exterior outlets and the switch controls a light on the deck. I wanted to get advice on a few things.

I'm reusing the outdoor outlet boxes and picking up 3/4" conduit to connect them. I'd like to run it as shown in the edited picture, but have a few questions.

What can i put right at the wall to make that's a little neater? A conduit T? a junction box? just wasn't sure.

Then the power will run out to the switch on the wall, and then back through the conduit to the 2 exterior outlest on the deck.

I think the original was wired so the outlets both on the wall and the deck were always on, and the switch just turned on the light. Is there any pro/con to having the switch control the outlets also?

Thank you for your collective advice!


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