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Rewiring Bathroom & Den

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Thank you in advanced for anyone reading this long question. I will try to be as clear as possible and I will attach a diagram to assist. The diagram shows how my bathroom and Den are currently wired. There is only one circuit from the breaker. All lines are disbursed from the Bathroom light junction box. In the bathroom light junction box there are 4 wires: 1. Main circuit from the breaker 2. line going to bathroom light switch 3. line going to den light 4. line going to den switch #1. Den switch #2 is running from Den Switch #1. It must have been added after the fact because they ran it all over the house to get it there. The junction box seems to be maxed out for it's size so I'll either have to reroute some wires from the box or install a larger box. My walls are plaster so I would rather not have to cut into that part of the ceiling. Also my house has those metal hangers going from one joist to another and they are pretty hard to get out.

Here's what I'm looking to do:
I would like to add another den light by the steps in the diagram. I know I can run a line directly to the bathroom junction and wire up the same as the current den light is wired. That now puts 5 wires into the already small box. In addition I would like to add a Fan/Light that will have a switch for each respectively. If possible I would like to reroute the Den Switch #2 directly to the bathroom box which will cut the distance in half and clean up some wires in my basement. Is it possible to have a setup like this for a 3 way switch? I will be adding a 20A line for a GFCI outlet in the bathroom. What is the best way to do all of this?

Here's what I'm thinking:
1. Remove bathroom light and switch from the bathroom light box completely. The box will only contain den wiring.
2. Run a wire from the bathroom box to a second den light. Now all the den lights should be working on a 3 way switch with two lights.
3. Pull the Den Switch #2 wire from the Den Switch #1 box and reroute to bathroom box.
4. Run a new 20A line to a GFCI outlet in the bathroom.
5. Tap the GFCI line and run into the ceiling to power the light/fan.
6. Run two lines back into the wall by the bathroom door to power both the light and fan.

Am I making this too complicated? What would a pro do in this case? I would like to keep things safe and to code but also trying not to over do it.

Thanks for your help.


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Hahaha I'm sorry. I really hate posting such a long question but I rather be clear upfront than have people wasting time answering an unclear question.
I just took down the plaster in my garage and it was a huge mess. They put in metal lath also which made it more difficult. The biggest problem is throwing it out. I had to pay $300 to have it removed.
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