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Yup, best way - get a few estimates
Make sure you detail what is being done so that each estimate is accurate & based on the same work being completed
Why do you want to rewire?
Georgia accepted NEC 2008 as of Jan 1st 2009
That means AFCI circuits, tamper proof receptacles

What do you have for a main panel - breakers? Total amps?
Does the bathroom have a dedicated GFCI circuit?
Does every wall have an outlet?
Are there outlets where you want them?
Outside outlets? - 1 front & back required
Exhaust fans - kitchen & bathroom
Any hot tub going in?
Stove upgrade?

A lot to review & think about with a house rewire

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Trion House Got Estimates

I got a few verbal and two actual estimates for the Trion house. The two were from local licensed electricians. The rewire is from a 60 amp old screw fuse, cloth wire knob abd tube to a new 200 amp circuit breaker up to today's code. Estimates were 5.5 K and 3.2 K. I both for money and "gut" feel of the electrician took the 3.2. He includes (New Panel, all rewire needs in 4 room and two bath house, and new outside meter box. I am happy with this and thanks to all who responded.
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