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Whats the best way to bring life back to bouquet canyon stone?

I'm thinking pressure washing and resealing, but would like to hear from others who may have been through a similar process.

would a pressure washer be necessary or are their chemical cleaners and a garden hose to wash it? if it is necessary for a pressure washer, I found a place that rents them. The 2000psi washer weight 120lbs, I would be able to lift that in and out of our truck, the 3000psi is 225lbs, that would be a tad heavy to move in and out of truck by myself. they charge $67/day $240/week for the 2000psi model, the weekly rate is about 1/2 the cost of buying a new unit. the price seems hard to justify, if I use it for more than a couple days.

Thank you.
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