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Review half bath plumbing plan

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Hello all,

We are installing a new half bath in our house for which I’m finalizing the plumbing drain layout. I’d appreciate feedback on the design, we are in Michigan which is an IPC state.

The rough bath is 62.5” x49.5” with the plumbing wall 2x6 construction parallel to the floor joists below. We’re using a in-wall toilet to maximize space with an on-wall vanity beside it. Vanity centerline to toilet centerline is 30.5”. Both at 16” from rough wall. We plan on finishing the walls with tile, Schluter Kerdi and 1/2” drywall.

I previously extended a vent line from the stack in the exterior wall of the kitchen for the bath vent. Here’s the link to the discussion about that project: This has passed inspection along with the kitchen and laundry plumbing in the basement. Plans for the bath have all been reviewed and approved by the township, but as you know it’s the details that matter.

The 2” vent will be come down the new plumbing wall to a 2x2x1 1/2” sanitary long sweep tee to pick up the vanity drain then continue down through the floor into a long sweep 90 and over into a 3x3x2 in hub reducing long sweep 90 with side inlet coming from the toilet. The 3” will go through the 2x10 joist (with a listed reinforcement plate) into another long sweep 90 to parallel the joists sloping at 1/4” per foot and over through another long sweep 90 down to tie into an existing floor clean out. At the bottom of the new stack will be a new clean out.

My questions: where should I place clean outs? Is it ok to bring the vanity into the side inlet 90 from the toilet? Is it best practice to use long sweep 90 for all of these or are regular 90 fine at some locations?

I’ve attached pictures of the plumbing wall and sketches of the layout, hopefully it’s clear.

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And here are the sketches

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