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Reverse a toilet flush handle? Pics included

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Is it possible to DIY the way the toilet lever flushes? or will we have to buy a new toilet and replace?

The toilet is a discontinued model, a universal rundle #4007. I replaced the tank lever with a Korky 6071BP Strongarm Tank Lever Faucet Style in Brushed Nickel-Universal to Fit Front Angled Side Left and Right Mount toilets but the lever still needs to be held upward to flush.

We have a special needs son that will begin potty training soon and it would be too difficult for him to have to hold the lever up. I would like it, if he could just push the lever down like on most toilets to flush.
I have attached images of the toilet lever and the model diagram.

Perhaps it's just how this toilet is? Please share your advice and experience if it is possible to reverse the direction of the toilet handle?

Thank you!!!
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Looks like you should be able to turn that around and So you could push down

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Welcome. I can't tell you exactly how it goes together, but you said that you replaced it, I assume you meant YOU, so it will make sense once you remove the handle, and yes, I would be willing to bet that you can flip it over so that you push down to flush. It will point toward the wall rather than at you, but that doesn't look like too much of a stretch.

There's another video. I searched for "side mount toilet flush lever", youtube.

Not a plumber, and it may help more to post this again in plumbing section. It looks like the lever is pointing to the wall for a push down operation. Another video, where the lever is toward your side, the lever is pushed up.

I thought korky strong arm was pretty good but it looks like side mounts operate as such. Depends on if you want to teach your kid general idea of flushing or with that toilet. More toilets are front mount, so it may help your kid to replace the toilet.
Looks like you should be able to turn that around and So you could push down

Instructions show the actuator being splined (step 6), so you should be able to orient the handle at any angle. Rotate it 180º and the mode of operation will be to push down.
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