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Is it worth it to save pieces of NEW wire corner reinforcement lath? In other words, can shorter pieces be joined together for longer runs?

How about diamond mesh lath? This just gets stapled in an overlap fashion, right?

The reason that I ask is that I am seeing a great deal of materials waste after a stucco crew just left. (Then again this project is already kicking my a** financially and is causing me to be a hoarder.) I am looking for any rule of thumb for what can be reused on a later project phase? As for the foam scrap, that is already being used as additional insulation in my remodeled attic area.

Dr. Z.

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Ayuh,.... Hoarder is probably one of the nicer names I've been called,....

Though when somebody needs something Right Now, they know who to call,....

To yer question,....
It depends on how Handy ya are,....

I, myself am always buildin' "Stuff" outa things that were never intended to be used as I sometimes use 'em,.....

'n to be Honest, job-site dumpsters are my Favorite buildin' material shoppin' locations,...
Can't beat the prices,..... ;)
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