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I've had a few guys look at my setup in the past months and everyone that looks at it goes "oh, usually we put the return on the right side"... when the house was built it was put on the left side, which is also where all the condensate drains and gas lines go in making it impossible to get a filter box on it... well there is a "hole" they cut into the boot that they side a filter in... there are no brackets or anything to hold it in place and it doesn't seal in any sense...

where do you usually put the return when you do a brand new install? on the right side? or the left?

The furnace has a knockout for a right return, but they cut a hole in the left to do what they did instead of using the knockout....

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I put the return tap on the side that is closest to the return duct. Every furnace I've ever installed is made so the return can go on either side or from the bottom (or top in the case of a downflow).

The gas piping, electrical, flu vent and intake, and condensate piping is usually done after the duct is attached and can be plumbed to leave room for filter/EAC access.

Most furnaces have gas supply and electrical knockouts on both sides.
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