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In November of 2007 I purchased a small house that included a barn. The previous owner wanted to demolish the barn but I am going to save it. Last year I stabilized the framing and installed a metal roof and now I plan to pour a concrete floor. As you can see in the picture, the barn posts are tree trunks. The previous owner allowed water to pool around the posts. I corrected that problem but the damage is done. My plan is to have a small 12’x15’ workshop area in the masonry section and use the 15’x26’ section for storage and exercise equipment. The barn already has a meter and electric service. I want to pour a 4” floating slab floor with a 12” wide by 24” deep footing along the outside. The plan is to pour the concrete around the old barn posts. After the concrete is dry I plan to cut the posts at the slab and insert a pressure treated sill between the slab and the posts. The barn posts would then rest on the 12” wide by 24” deep footing. The sill would be anchored to the footing and the posts would be attached to the sill with mechanical fasteners. Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated.

The barn also has 1170 SF of south facing roof and I plan to install a 6KW solar system once the other work is complete.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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