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Retro Wiring for Ceiling Fan help

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I'm trying to install a wire to a finished bottom floor bedroom light/fan fixture (there is another bedroom above it). There is an existing wire that was previously installed nowhere near the center of the room. I have access (albeit a bit difficult) to fish the wire between the joists from a utility room. This would be preferable to drilling across 3 joists. Here are my questions:

1. It seems that I do NOT need to secure the romex to the joists with staples, since I will be fishing it through a finished ceiling, correct?

2. Can I then assume that it may lay on the ceiling drywall for the entire 10' from the wall to the fixture (as long as it is properly clamped to the gang box)?

3. As an alternative, is it possible to put a junction box where the existing wiring is located and extend romex to the desired location (drilling through the joists)?

4. Are there any concerns about extending the wiring with a junction box? Such as: does it need an access panel?



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1. correct.
2. correct
3/4. Yes if the box remains accessible. You can't drywall over it. An access panel is acceptable.
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I would make the one access where the switch is, then at the top where the top plate of the wall is, put in two holes. One on the wall and one on the ceiling. If you have Orange Peel or Popcorn ceilings, you will have a hard time repairing.

I would use a Flex Bit and a set of "Fish Sticks", that you can use to pull the wire from the hole where you are going to place the Fan Rated box or "Smart Box", if it is within 7 1/2'. If further, you can either try to grab a string with the Fish Stick at the wall and pull it back, or push the wire across the ceiling with the end of the Flex Bit pole and pull with the set of Fish Sticks. Just make sure to tie and then tape a length of string on the ends of the sticks, so that you can pull them back out of the ceiling when done.

Thanks for confirming my concerns! I'm hoping to run the wire down the joist to avoid having an access panel visible on the ceiling.

thanks for your time and reply, but I'm not sure what exactly you are referring to. I'm all set on running the wiring through joists. My question was about the particulars of a junction box to extend wiring.
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Fished cables are not required to be secured to the framing like new construction. Just secure where accessible.
At the Junction box, you will need enough room in it for the extra wire. If the box that you currently have is not going to work, you will have to remove it, which means cutting it out, or removing the drywall if it has a tab that is on the edge of the stud, then covered by the Drywall.

It is always easy when you pull it up the wall to have the Fish Sticks to help pull it up to where the box is. They are in the Electrical aisle where the Flexbits are. Usually the same aisle with the wirenuts and tools for Electrical.
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