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Greetings, I have always loved electronics and gadgets. Built my first CB radio before my teens.

After my 3 year stretch in the Army (military police)(Viet Nam Vet) I worked in the Alarm industry for about 20 years - ADT, Burns Security, Alarmex, Crime Control - Mostly burglar/fire alarms installations and repair, but did quite a bit of CCTV and Card Access systems.

Figured out this type of business is not going to get me a retirement, so I landed a job with the local water company EBMUD as a plant maintenance mechanic for the sewer treatment plant by the Oakland Bay Bridge - retired after 21 years of that.

Now I like to fiddle with my Ham Radio hobby, electronics, computers and watching movies - still trying to figure out some projects that have bugged me for years - that's why I joined this site is for some ideas!

Hayward, CA USA
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Welcome aboard.
Hi Terry, Welcome to the Forum
Thanks for including your location in your profile.
Also check out how to Post pictures in the How To section.
Welcome to the forum and thank you for your military service!
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