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Greetings, I have always loved electronics and gadgets. Built my first CB radio before my teens.

After my 3 year stretch in the Army (military police)(Viet Nam Vet) I worked in the Alarm industry for about 20 years - ADT, Burns Security, Alarmex, Crime Control - Mostly burglar/fire alarms installations and repair, but did quite a bit of CCTV and Card Access systems.

Figured out this type of business is not going to get me a retirement, so I landed a job with the local water company EBMUD as a plant maintenance mechanic for the sewer treatment plant by the Oakland Bay Bridge - retired after 21 years of that.

Now I like to fiddle with my Ham Radio hobby, electronics, computers and watching movies - still trying to figure out some projects that have bugged me for years - that's why I joined this site is for some ideas!

Hayward, CA USA
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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