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Resurfacing a ground level deck, needing to drain water

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I am about to resurface my ground level deck with a vinyl wrapped composite material. I tore the old decking off and noticed the ground was extremely soft from bad water drainage. When I built it I had to dig out some of the lawn to fit the joists and that created low spots. The original decking was cedar with no space between the boards, in hindsight probably a mistake. It lasted about 10 years but the two end joists are soft and need to be replaced. The deck is 18' by 16' but some of it is over a sidewalk so the area is not that large. is there a material made for absorbing, dispersing or wicking moisture. The picture is taken from the house and the sidewalk is near the house then goes along the left side to the garage. The lowest part of the yard is on the other side of the walk. Any suggestions?