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Restoring finish on conrete driveway and walkway...

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What is the best way to restore the finish on concrete that has lost it's original smooth finish? The surfaces I'd like to restore are a driveway and a front walkway. Please see attached pic to understand what I'm talking about - you can see where the original smooth finish has worn away to expose the rough stuff below.


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that + 'blessing' the surface so the finishers could catch up w/troweling, etc.

your best bet is to pressure wash ( 4Kpsi & 4gps ) the surface to clean up & see what damage is necessary,,, this is our work & we'd also include scarifying w/9hp machine, too,,, we'd then pick a polymer-modified cementitious resurfacing material ( NOT avail in ANY apron/vest store )
mike makes a good point but you won't know til you prep for repairs,,, 1 of the reasons we use 4Kpsi is to discover how hard the existing conc really is,,, sometimes its soft & needs replacing, NOT repair :furious:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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