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restaining deck

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Need advise on restaining my deck. the deck is at least 10 years old. I recently purchased the house and have no history of deck. From what I see, it has a solid stain on it today and I wish to redo it. My plan is to clean and wash deck, then apply a new solid stain. My question is whether I need to strip existing stain? I plan to match as closely as I can the current color. I am leaning towards a CABOT product, but would entertain BEHR as well. Do I have to strip the old stain, if I do not have the original stain paint code?

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wait for the experts to get here but my understanding is stain soaks into the wood, if the present stain has the wood sealed, more stain will only sit on top, at ten years it might be okay by now, as for the color, its in the wood, only by sanding down past the stain is it coming out.
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