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Residential... 125 amp main. 125 on each leg or 125 total???

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... I am pulling 89 amps on A and 62 amps on B, but its not flipping my main. ... but the main 125 breaker out at the street is not flipping.
It's 125 amps on each leg.

Your system will accommodate a combination of 240 volt loads (draws amperes from both legs) and 120 volt loads balanced so that no more than 125 amps is drawn on each leg.

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your putting a little too much thought into it........... but you guessed correctly, phase A is 125 amp, and phase b is 125 amp. 120 volt circuits will draw on only one leg, while 240 volt circuits draw both legs.

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A two-pole breaker is actually two-single pole breakers set up so if either one trips, it'll trip the other one as well.

If the load exceeds 125 amps for any length of time, on either pole, the whole breaker will trip. Regardless of what the other pole has on it.

89 and 62 is certainly a load, but not an overload. 130 and 62 would be an overload.

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