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I have a split system with an upflow air handler in a 2nd floor closet. Unfortunately, that setup has my ductwork running through a hot attic. I bet the ducts are probably leaky also, so I'd like to upgrade them. ( I did the 1st floor a couple of years ago and it made a HUGE difference in comfort and $.)

Anyway, would it be OK to do a U-turn out the top of the handler and reroute the ducts between the 1st and 2nd floors. (I'm not worried about the install ... we have open web joists and need to replace the floors in the upstairs anyway...just need to know if it's terribly inefficient to do a hard U-turn in a duct.)

The attached pic is what I'm thinking...

I'm more of a carpenter than a HVAC guy, so I appreciate any input.


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