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Message follows below. I have added more photos at a Picasa photo album. Here is the URL; might be necessary to cut and paste into your browser:

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Well I have some leaking in the roof on my one and only rental property; a place that I like to keep well maintained and nice. The neighborhood has lots of college students so i can really within limits be more or less conscientious but I try to keep the place reasonably in theame shape as when I lived there.

The leaks are down in front of the dormers. The roof that is up there now was put on in 1998 by a reputable roofer who had been licensed to remove a solid asbestos roof that was pretty badly cracked. But people who have looked at it recently for me said they didn't think he did a very good job putting on the new roof. The roofing that is on it now is 25 year dimensional shingle; I believe it was Elkton shingle that was used.

It seems to me that I have 3 choices.

1. I can try to locate the leaks. I suspect it is the flashing around the dormers that is causing the problem because water seems to be entering the house just several feet down in front of each dormer; On the right side i thought it was the fascia board that was leaking and water entering from the front. Either that or it is rolling down the roof under from the flashing and going under the shingels in front of the dormer and entering rfom above the gutter; a trail of water in the rooms under the doremers leads from where the ceiling meets the front wall and goes back. this is happening on both sides. on one side in the attick water is entering from the pitched roof and my tenants have put a bucket under the leak. So, it seems to me that I can reroof just around the dormers. The shingle that is on there now looks in pretty good condition; it is black or dark grey so i am not sure how new shingle would match up with it. I expect that it will alwasy be noticeably different; at least for a few years.

2. I can reroof the whole front of the house; that is 1/2 of the whole house; because of trees and the position of the house on the lot I assume that the differnce between the color of the front and the back would not be very noticeable. Reroofing the front would involve 11 squares.

3 I can -- ouch, it is expensive!-- reroof the whole house.

Does anyone have any advice on what would be the most cost effecitve way of solving the leaking problem and doing something that will have some value for the house. Reroofing the whole house seems to me to be overkiil (but pherhas there is something involved here that I have not thought of). Reroofing only around the dormers would probably cost half or less than reroofing the cost of reroofing the front part of the house entirely; but I am not sure if i will ruin the look of the house or if I am just throwing out money. Maybe there will be another leak elsewhere on the front of the house in the near future and I will end up reroofing the whole fron anyway. Based on your experience is there one thing that is best?


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